What I have learned as a mommy so far

I can’t help but repeat the very things I would smile and shrug off from well intentioned strangers. “They grow so fast”, “Take advantage of this time”, “Take all of the pictures you can!”.  I want to preserve all the time I can with my young daughter, but at the same time- I love watching her become herself. Today in the mom’s group I visit on Thursday mornings we discussed traits we desire or would choose to do differently than our own Mothers. Honestly- I think every person on this earth desires a healthy and meaningful relationship with both of their parents. Who doesn’t want to learn and model wisdom passed down from our ancestors onto the next generation? This would be the ideal- though too few can say this is their situation. I had another thought- what would this look like to my daughter? What would she admire of me as she grows and comes into her own? Will I show her how to Love? How to be a true and loyal friend that knows how to forgive and will receive love in return? How to apply herself and try hard at everything she takes on and give it her best shot? Am I doing this? This may be a little heavy for a first time post- but why not? What has been your experience dear reader?


One thought on “What I have learned as a mommy so far

  1. They do grow too quickly. One minute you can hold her in one arm then you blink and she is a young lady. There are many things I would do over as a parent and realize I can change because every day is a new day. I hope my daughter and I will be close when she is grown.

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