Pursuing a Life

I sit and hold up my hands. I have nothing to do! I look around me at the house that is torn apart, the dog that is looking at me with longing eyes- hoping with every bone in her body that I will read her thoughts and take her for her third outing today. But these things are not what I am talking about. My “motherly”, “wifely” ( is that a word?…oh well), homemaker responsibilities are not what I have in mind when I say “nothing”. It’s the tasks that used to fulfill me. I used to run. I used to work full-time and have my own INCOME! And I could go….shopping. Oh, how I miss shopping. And even though I miss these things dearly- now I yearn for even more. Free time. Theater. Even the chance to go to school. Now these things are a lot harder to pursue. I want to be a good mother and I know my daughter would be okay being somewhere now- but the question is, where? I have nothing against anyone that makes the choice to stay home and create a life for their family, but in order for my family to stay healthy- the wife/mom needs an outlet. I know there are options- it’s just a matter of taking those steps- and making sure my family stays financially secure. If any of my readers have been through this transition in their life- do you have any tips? Was there anything in particular you had to juggle and/or change to move forward? Please share!


2 thoughts on “Pursuing a Life

  1. Hi,
    When we lived in memphis I worked at a mother’s day out program at our church. You could call some of the churches in you area to see if they have such a program.
    Our’s was two days a week and gave the mothers a chance to to do things without kids. I think it would be a safe place to leave Vera. Marie’s Sister Mary

  2. Hi, You don’t know me but I am a childhood friend of Melissa’s:)
    I can totally relate, I have a 3 year old and a 22 month old and before “mommyhood”
    I always worked 2 jobs, never balanced my checkbook, went shopping whenever I wanted, bought the name brand cheese…… I didn’t plan on even staying home after my first son was born, I made that choice when my 6 weeks of maternity leave was up. I am a nurse by trade. I have loved being with my boys, but you are right, you need an outlet, a balance. I started going to MOPS which has really helped, meeting other mothers, playdates ect. I have also done a few “work from home” businesses, I have turned a hobby of mine into a business, my passion for fashion, I am now a Jewelry Designer, work from home, make money, have a great outlet for creativity and I am not out shopping as much! Checkout my facebook page “Sweet Love Creations”. No matter if you choose to stay home or go to work part or fulltime, I am sure you are a great mother:) Do what is right for you and your family. Think outside the box, these times anything is possible and be as unconventional as you wish! Good Luck:)

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