Art via. Becker

I wanted to take a moment to showcase the talent of a good friends work. She has had her hand in the arts for the better part of 6 years. Here are some of her pieces and their meanings in her own words.
These are a few paintings, the “dec 07” one is a self portrait. It might be interesting to do a self portrait now and see how different they would be.
#4 I call the stirring, it has a heavy texture to it that doesnt quite come out in the picture, I was going through a transition there in my life and felt all i could do was paint how I felt. The rest are mainly inspired by nature, which is most often my source. and then of course my first painting of the man. I just started graphics and I find I really enjoy them. The skeleton graphic is a sculpture from my fovorite artist Bernini, he is the one and only artist that has made me so passionate about what he has done and what the human hands are capable of, therefore empowering me. I was really in to drawing in my first two years of college, the two portraits are from photographs from my favorite photographer Irving Penn.

You can also see Kelly’s work here



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