Look Ma! No Teeth! -mature “icky” content

I know most of my friends that read my blog are linked over by facebook- and I posted about this experience on my page there- but I thought I would be a little more in depth here for anyone that wanted updates. Last week our daughter Vera was being put to bed for the night- and like many nights- she ventured out of her bed a few time. This is not unusual. We just pick her up and put her back in bed and after two or three times of that routine she usually gets the hint and stays put. Occasionally she tumbles when crawling out and we hear a thump and a wail. So, when I heard the thump and wail- I sighed and proceeded to go assist her back into bed. What I saw when I opened to door was not the usual sight. It was dark at first so I started with the: “Okay, let’s get back into bed” routine of starting to calm her down- when I saw her trying to rub the blood off her entire face. Internally, I wanted to scream. I picked her up with a quiet but repetitive “oh, no.” continually coming from my mouth and walked to the bathroom assuming she bit her lip or tongue. Of course the words coming from my mouth had my husband dashing into the room to see what was wrong for himself. Trying to wipe flowing blood from a babys mouth to determine the place of injury is NOT AN EASY TASK! Thankfully, I had a helpful hint when I saw that her teeth were not poking up out of the flow- but forced forward. I tried to calmly let my husband know that this was not just going to be a call to the pediatrician, or even a trip to the E.R. This time we are calling 911. He called 911 as I poured her a bath to try to calm her because this is one of her favorite soothers. The wailing didn’t stop but she was somewhat distracted. The fire trucks arrived in about 4 minutes amazingly- since this was the night of our second big snow in Seattle. The ambulance was not so fast. In the meantime- we had two differing opinions of advice. take her ourselves to the E.R., in a VW golf, through the snow. Or, the ambulance could take her, but they weren’t sure about our insurance. All I know is, when you are a mother, and someone is questioning what to do with your injured toddler over medical coverage- you don’t like it. Of course, they were amazing and wanted nothing more than to get her the best care, but when there’s even a moment of questioning, you don’t take it lying down. Thankfully there was one younger aid that took a look at her and said “she needs to go…now”. So we hopped on the ambulance and took daddy’s phone because it has our trusty episodes of “yo, gabba gabba” on it. The on staff nurses tried to help us make the choice of whether to stay overnight and give her some pain killers- or to call in the dental on call surgeon. I told them to look in her mouth and see if they thought she was actually going to get any sleep. Her teeth were pushed straight out and her lip couldn’t lay over them. I would have taken a picture, but I was holding the goods, and I’m not sure that was a picture I would have wanted. So we waited, and waited. This wasn’t surprising since it had been snowing, but it is frustrating when you have an exhausted, hurting, squirming child in your arms. The procedure was relatively fast. They gave her a nasal spray at first of morphine and something to calm her, I’m not sure if the calming medication ever kicked in. They used the sheet to roll her into a “burrito” and keep her still. Then the gave her a quick shot in her gums (:() to numb the area and brought out the two teeth. They let me know that her teeth were broken through her gum bone so the bone itself was broken, but she had an adult gum bone as well. She needed one stitch to bring her tender gums back together and it was over. Oh, and I cried the entire time. They put her in my arms and she grabbed her bottle and didn’t move. As soon as we put her in her seat for the ride home, she fell asleep. Ian slept next to her the next three nights because we were so afraid she might do it again- or something worse this time. The next morning- she acted like nothing had happened. She was bright and happy and playing- but I was traumatized. My baby girl would have to wait 5 years until she has all of her teeth again. She will have to bite food with the side of her mouth and possibly have other children ask her why she has a hole in her smile. I know we will have time to prepare before or if this is ever a reality, but as a mother I think you always want to protect your children from these things that set them apart. I’m not unaware of the fact that my daughter will have hardships- I just didn’t expect one so soon


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