How do you “deux”

I have to ask myself this a lot lately. I knew I wanted a child. But that’s all I knew. I did not extend my thinking beyond the number 1. I know many moms that have planned their second child right away and I knew…that was not for me. For one- morning sickness was really hard on me. It happens before anything good. Before you have the cute bump, before you have cravings or even feel the baby move. I felt like I was a cancer patient pretending to be pregnant. Ok, maybe that is extreme…but it sucked. Also- I will never understand why every pregnancy can’t be the same. We should all have the same amount of symptoms at the same time in exactly the same way so that no one can doubt you or judge you because they are comparing either their own or friends pregnancies. Moving beyond that- what about the actual baby. I adore my little girl. I think every mother falls crazy in love with her offspring, but how do you balance all of the needs? Is it an every day struggle, or do things tend to fall into place after a routine is established? Almost every mother I know has either already had her second, or third child. Or, she is pregnant with them now. This has interrupted my focus of one-baby-ness and sent me into a flurry of thoughts that only sound like panic. “Will I be too old in a few years and regret not trying?’, “If V is an only child, will she understand balance or be awkward when she socializes with others”, “What if I never get to use the items I loved using when V was a baby?”. I am juggling these questions, and if you have insight, please share!


4 thoughts on “How do you “deux”

  1. With everything new that you decide to take on, you will always have to give up in some other area. Morning sickness was a mess this time until I got a hold of some really great meds(never knew about them before!) There are days that I wonder if I am gonna get to brush my hair-make up, yeah right.
    Just remember that its not okay for you to compare yourself to anyone else, it will only add agony. If having another baby is part of God’s plan for your family that God will give you the desire and peace will come along with it at just the right time.
    Haha-How am I gonna do 5?? Do you have any suggestions;)

  2. Yes, actually this answers my entire post. You can give ME the baby when it’s born! This way you already took care of all the things I am worried about! See- you were right about God making it the right timing:) Now you won’t have to worry either…

    • Lol-thats pretty funny. Its exactly what I told a friend a few months ago before I found I was pregnant. Sure I would love a baby but being pregnant doesn’t work for me at all!

  3. I don’t know if I have any helpful advice…. if I had pregnancies like yours, it would definitely give me more room for pause. That’s hard. I will say, though, for my second and third pregnancies, it was much more about clay and I figuring-out how we wanted to structure our family than being just so excited and “ready to get pregnant again. By the time it happened, I was excited and ready, but it’s a scary step. It was definitely more about us knowing how many kids we wanted minimum and an average spacing time and thinking, “Ok, well that means we need to get started” than “Oh wow, this is so easy, let’s add another to the mix!” Ya know? Good luck, tough decisions!

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