Living Loving(?) Life

I’m a believer in staying positive. I watch so many people making the choice to only keep in mind those things that keep you under a dark cloud, and I just can’t live like that. I see the pure joy on my daughters face and I know there is more to life than hurt and pain. So many of us are so blessed to have health, and more wealth than others in our world will never know- though we may not be considered wealthy in our own culture. But, in the light of recent tragedies, I also wonder if I allow myself to feel the true grief of it. To be completely honest, most of the time I say a quick prayer, and I move on…most of the time trying NOT to think of it. Is this selfish? Most of the time I think so. Then I find myself haunted by thoughts of what I’m not able to do and if I ever can truly do ANYTHING. I believe in God, I believe in prayer, and most of the time that truly is all I can do to help. Then going back to my original train of thought- do these happenings tend to follow you around like a dark cloud that keep pressing in- or have you found a balance in your personal reactions to the worlds happenings?



One thought on “Living Loving(?) Life

  1. I totally struggle with the same thing, but I feel like lately God has been challenging me to sit in the grief a bit, because though he can redeem anything, he still HATES suffering. I need to allow myself to hate the bad in this world too, then run to the only safe place, His arms.

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