Where is the Love

Go ahead. If you know the song, sing it. I will be the entire time I’m writing this. But the question itself stands. WHERE is the LOVE? It seems like life itself is set up to make love the last action we choose. I’m writing about this for two reasons. 1.- All relationships in my life have been tested in this area to an extreme, and 2.- I believe this week is a good time to reflect on the Love that was given be God. The second reason is one very close to my heart but to keep personal choice respected I will focus on something all of us can relate to- relationship. We all desire love. We all have a definition of what it looks, or feels like- but when it comes to returning it- how do we follow through? I’ve personally made many disappointing decisions in my life when love was involved. And by disappointing I mean that I had no idea how to take care of the love in my life. I went looking for it, longed for it, but couldn’t receive it. And, because I couldn’t receive it- I REALLY couldn’t give it. I couldn’t receive it because I expected the love from others to be enough, but it will never be. Okay so this is where it gets mushy so if you’re not into that and think it’s hippie crap you can stop reading:)

Still here? Okay…I will go on. And this is taking me a while because I’m putting this out there and who even knows who will read this but, whatever. I had no belief in my own worth. Didn’t have (and still struggle with) any sense that I was worth investing in or waiting for. Now, I could say that this is all happening because I have a daughter and I know that she will look to me for example on her self-worth and strength- but it’s more than that. I am a daughter. I have family and friends and relationships all around me. And they all need feeding. They need to know they are cherished. They need to know their self worth- and how much they are loved, unconditionally. I know that’s a kind of love that is hard to turn from- hard to be hard towards. I’m not going to give you homework, or 5 simple steps on how to apply it in your life. But, if you’re anything like me, even biting your tongue when someone is driving 10 under the speed limit in front of you could be a start, right?..


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