In the “norm”

I notice that I really don’t feel inspired to blog during the winter months. Of course the weather keeps us mostly restricted to the covered, every day tasks that don’t seem even the smallest bit interesting so I don’t feel the need to share my uneventful seasons. However, I know there are friends out there that appreciate the mundane. Like how I completely (ok, the hubby helped:) cleaned and reorganized the refrigerator. And how being stuck inside really does make you aware of all the little corners of your house that need a little t.l.c. This past year we have really tackled a lot of projects in our little wee rental- and it has really begun to feel like a home. Now we are antsy to get some clear weather so we can begin our outdoor projects. We are starting a garden this year- something simple that someone like me can keep up with. “Someone like me” meaning someone that really can’t keep anything besides cacti alive. We are going to incorporate small compost and a play area for v and her friends so we will have a lot to keep us busy. The yard was never kept up in the past and it has been overtaken in parts by blackberries and vines so it will be a challenge. We just feel privileged to have a yard area that is completely in our creative hands- that is rare to find in the city. I would welcome any thoughts or feedback from those that have taken on yardscaping from scratch. V has been growing so much and- though she has never been void of personality- seems to be becoming more an more amazing every day. Today we happened upon her first “see mom- what you said didn’t happen so that was silly!” moment. These things tend to catch me off guard and I ahve to catch myself before I give the response I know I would regret. Oh dear- it just keeps getting more interesting!


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