Observance of Thankfulness

Being the first day of November- and a month holding a holiday known for a special awareness of what we are blessed with- I am reserving the entire month of posts to highlight what I am truly blessed with in my life. Be it big or small- or even cheesy- I will be posting on all subjects- but I will complete all posts with these thoughts. I would love it if you would share some as well!
I am thankful for a healthy family, laughter with good friends, and a newfound ability that I can actually cook ( I was sure I was born without this skill)


Art via. Becker

I wanted to take a moment to showcase the talent of a good friends work. She has had her hand in the arts for the better part of 6 years. Here are some of her pieces and their meanings in her own words.
These are a few paintings, the “dec 07” one is a self portrait. It might be interesting to do a self portrait now and see how different they would be.
#4 I call the stirring, it has a heavy texture to it that doesnt quite come out in the picture, I was going through a transition there in my life and felt all i could do was paint how I felt. The rest are mainly inspired by nature, which is most often my source. and then of course my first painting of the man. I just started graphics and I find I really enjoy them. The skeleton graphic is a sculpture from my fovorite artist Bernini, he is the one and only artist that has made me so passionate about what he has done and what the human hands are capable of, therefore empowering me. I was really in to drawing in my first two years of college, the two portraits are from photographs from my favorite photographer Irving Penn.

You can also see Kelly’s work here



wanted to share my favorite pumpkin decor images of the season. The first is my all time favorite from dress, design and decor. I am putting it on my list for next year since it obviously looks like quite a project! The second- on design sponge – looks reasonable easy, though still incredibly beautiful! Enjoy!

Once in a While

I typically post about topics that are relationally based or such things- but I have to share the occasional nugget of goodness in the fashion/decor world. Today that is the Cole Haan fall 2010 ad campaign that was shot both in Portland and Brooklyn- both areas known for their raw charm. I took in the images when I recently visited “The Selby”. I love when fashion is actually interpreted into everyday life and can be wearable by anyone. And it’s even better if it includes approachable menswear. Cole Haan embodies all of that. Enjoy.

Paradise Found

I wanted to take the opportunity to share some photos of my mothers home on the skagit river. I didn’t take any pics of the river itself unfortunately but you can see the simple beauty around her in what is here. Enjoy.

Pursuing a Life

I sit and hold up my hands. I have nothing to do! I look around me at the house that is torn apart, the dog that is looking at me with longing eyes- hoping with every bone in her body that I will read her thoughts and take her for her third outing today. But these things are not what I am talking about. My “motherly”, “wifely” ( is that a word?…oh well), homemaker responsibilities are not what I have in mind when I say “nothing”. It’s the tasks that used to fulfill me. I used to run. I used to work full-time and have my own INCOME! And I could go….shopping. Oh, how I miss shopping. And even though I miss these things dearly- now I yearn for even more. Free time. Theater. Even the chance to go to school. Now these things are a lot harder to pursue. I want to be a good mother and I know my daughter would be okay being somewhere now- but the question is, where? I have nothing against anyone that makes the choice to stay home and create a life for their family, but in order for my family to stay healthy- the wife/mom needs an outlet. I know there are options- it’s just a matter of taking those steps- and making sure my family stays financially secure. If any of my readers have been through this transition in their life- do you have any tips? Was there anything in particular you had to juggle and/or change to move forward? Please share!

Not Even There

Some days you want to remember forever. They dwell in your heart and mind as a passing in time that really made an impact. These days usually are eventful because they struck you as particularly beautiful, or even left you in mourning- but you will never forget. Well, today was not one of those days. Oh, how I wish it was. We all have the ability to be something we would never hope to be. We usually cling to a belief in goodness or clutch to our faith to drive us away from that dreadful being that lurks beneath- but it’s still there. This persona not only hurts us but, almost always, comes out of hiding when we are in the presence of someone we love…and hurts them, too.  Today was one of those days in my legacy, and a strong reminder that I am not enough on my own to keep the “ugly” at bay.

Ties that Bind

Today I had a conversation with a good friend of mine about loyalty in friendship. We shared similar concern about the growing rate of people not willing to work at or maintain a friendship. People will use excuses- but in reality, what we agreed was that integrity is not really a priority taught in our culture. There is a great gap between people today- and I’m not just saying this because of the rise in the use of technology. Even emotion and intentional confrontation is avoided as to avoid a possible friendship break- up. Instead we choose to cheapen these relationships with the term “frenemies”. Ego also gets in the way. We hold our personal lives to a certain “standard” and comfortability- and by doing so we justify ourselves by rationalizing that “We don’t really have anything on common”.  We also discussed the ability of forgiveness if a shortcoming has already come between a friendship. Do people allow room for fault- or do they just shrug off the relationship and say that they don’t agree with the choices that person makes? Despite the obvious assumption that this is understandable if the friendship was being but in harms way either physically or mentally- is this always practical? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Cool Beans

This weekend was our 1st Anniversary. These are supposed to be the honeymoon years-the times when we stare longingly into each others eyes. Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I are devoted to our marriage and the commitment we made to each other, but our road together hasn’t been given the chance for our “honeymoon” times. Our story is not unusual. We fell for each other- had a great time dating, thought we had all the time in the world to get to know each other and work out the kinks…then. We found out- a little too soon- that we were expecting our daughter. Needless to say- we are head over heels in love with her. However, our relationship has been tested to the furthest limits. We have been thrown into a situation we were by no means prepared for. We do have hope, we have faith, and we have family that is trying in every way possible to support us on getting past this struggle and onto a smoother road. So, for now, we take the good times and the bad- try to learn about each other- and spend a lot of time stepping out in faith that God will be true to his promises. After all, when you are at your weakest is when God is strongest- and there is a lot of beauty to be revealed here in his time.

New Aspirations

I am aspiring to apply myself to new things. Being a mom and knowing my family has needs for my support and know-how, I feel the responsibility to apply some new goals to my life. First and foremost- I will be pursuing more time with God by bible reading, journaling and praying/meditating on my reading. Second, I will take steps to further my education in whatever way is possible with my available time and finances. Third, I will be sprucing up my talents so I can use them to perhaps bring in some income. It seems that you eventually reach a place in your adult life where you stop and say “Well, no one else can better my life, they have their own to worry about-so I need to start making something happen”! Friends, that is where I am right now. And, I will blog further about these goals to keep you updated on how I am taking action!